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English Editing Services

We specialise in editing documents written by skilled second-language speakers that need the finishing touches only a qualified first-language editor can provide. We guarantee all our work to meet international publishing standards. All our documents are edited by a professional editor and then checked again by another before they’re returned to you. In addition, we thoroughly check all our documents using dictionaries and spelling checks.

We serve a range of industries, and have highly skilled and experienced editors for everything from corporate business documents to government annual reports and academic thesis or book proofreading services.

Corporate Government Academic
Spelling* Spelling* Spelling*
Grammar Grammar Grammar
Readability Readability Readability
Fact-checking Fact-checking Fact-checking
Newsletters Newsletters Papers†

Annual reports:

  • Cross-referencing:
    • Excel sheets
    • Previous ARs
  • Full designer/typesetter support
  • Final proofing (full language check of pages by a second editor)


Annual reports:

  • Legal formatting i.e.
    Section X of Y Act (Act No. 17 of 2017)
  • Full local language support (South Africa).
  • Foreign language support where available.
  • Full designer/typesetter support
  • Final proofing (full language check of pages by a second editor)

Thesis dissertations:

  • Humanities:
    • APA, Harvard referencing
    • Bibliography
    • Full second language MA and doctorate support
      (South Africa)
    • Foreign language support where available
  • Sciences:
    • Harvard referencing
    • Mathematical & Scientific equation and notation checks
      P = A / (1 + r/n)nt
.com .gov .ac .edu
*Spell-checks to 100% error-free. Local names and places. Including local languages where possible i.e. isiZulu, Portuguese, Mandarin etc.
†Academic editing services for submission to journals in localised English e.g. EN-ZA, EN-US, EN-UK.



We always give a free assessment on any document. No two projects are the same. Some documents just need their language checked whereas other edits are purely style. We will always offer you the best fit for your budget. Our editorial services range from basic spelling and grammar checks to in-depth academic editing. Broadly speaking, they can be broken down into the following stages:

Editing Stages

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1. English Spelling and Grammar Checks

Your document is electronically checked in MS Word, with any errors corrected in tracked changes.

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2. Full Editorial

Our editor goes through the grammar and phrasing in your document, correcting the language to standard business, legal or academic English.

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A second editor does a final proof, checking the editor's changes have been implemented and re-checking all key content.



Efficient business relies on certainties. We've built our reputation on always meeting our clients' expectations. We never commit to a deadline that our editors cannot meet.



Our team is proud to have delivered quality projects for leading organisations, academic institutions and government departments.

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English Editing and Proofreading Services